Don’t Eat Them, Drink Them: Veggie Juicing Benefits

Do you dislike eating vegetables, have trouble getting the kids to eat them even though we all know they are good for us. There is a better way to get your veggies and more fun too. Try juicing them and making a great tasting drink, the kids will love it. (well maybe not right at first) The best health benefit of this practice is the vitamins in juicing, you are eating (well drinking) your vegetables! Even if you do like some vegetables chances are that you still do not get the daily requirement. Juicing has more health benefits than if you ate cooked vegetables every meal. Give it a try you only have one life and one body start doing the best for both!

Three Main Reasons To Juice

Vegetables are gross

Spinach smoothie

Not if you juice them, you will hardly know that you are drinking something good for you. Juicing helps you to get your daily amount of vegetables with little to no effort. This is one of the best benefits to juicing, most of never come close to the daily requirement. There is a rule of thumb that if you are a carb type person you should eat 1 pound of raw veggies for every 50 pounds of your body weight. Not a chance right, wrong if you juice them mission accomplished!

There are too many to choose from

After you start using your juicer it will become obvious that is not the case. As you become used to the juice and start adding more variety to your drink you will be eating (I mean drinking) vegetables you would never had tried otherwise. We need to have a variety of different foods in our diet to maintain the regular food rotation theory, eat different foods to prevent developing an allergy.

Vegetables Give Me Gas

Some vegetables do promote gas in our systems the same will hold for juicing them. You will get used to which vegetables to mix to lessen this problem. Even with this being the case juicing is still the best way to get and absorb all the nutrients we need from vegetables. Some of us have an impaired digestion system from making too many poor nutrition choices over the years. Now we can get the best benefit from vegetables because they are “pre-digested” or broken down to a liquid that is more easily digested.

Important Things to remember

Vitamins in Juicing1) cooking vegetables damage the micronutrients we need 2) you will get your daily requirement of 5 to 6 servings every day 3) start slow, after your body is used to the juice you can slowly add more variety 4) cabbage juice is one of the best healing nutrients for ulcer repair 5) add herbs for a more beneficial juice 6) try adding lemons, limes and cranberries or fresh ginger (lemons help to eliminate the bitter taste of the dark green leafy veggies. 7) lemon and limes do not have any sugars or fructose that cause metabolic complications 8) you should drink your juice right after making it for the most benefit 9) remember vegetable juice is not a meal replacement, you need your protein 10) always make sure that your juicer has been cleaned properly So now we know that the juicing health benefits far outweigh our resistance to eating vegetables. This is the only way to be sure we are getting the daily requirement that our body needs to stay healthy. The vitamins in juicing will have our bodies and mental well being at an all time high. There are some theories that the benefits of juicing will give you a radiant, energetic life with the best health benefits. Enjoy your juice!